Saturday, October 9, 2010

wk5 Charles Lee_summary

How to apply for Entertainment Design

Character Design
  1. Figure drawing
  2. silhouette study
  3. simple sketch
  4. 3d model sculpture
  5. head study
  6. final character design concept
  7. character turn around

Environment Design
  1. Drawing concept (line drawing)
  2. Painting concept
  3. Ideation sketch (building, street, props)
  4. research process
  5. photo realistic concept

  1. thumbnail (your sketchbook)
  2. Ideation sketch
  3. research process
  4. detail sketch
  5. color/texture concept painting
  6. Functionality
Recommended Books
Japanese hair

wk5 He Jung sample work

wk5 Charles Lee_photo

Charles Lee has explained how he got into art and his experience in Entertainment Industry.

wk4 He Jung Park_workshop photo

 He Jung Park showed her sample work through out the workshop

wk5 Charles Lee_sample work

At the end of presentation,Charles' demo will cover how you can take figure drawing to stylized character design.

wk4 Armand Serrano_ Demo and photo

Armand has shared his works and his quick demonstration with a subject picked by students.
Thank you for sharing his time and work Armand!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Armand Serrano Workshop (wk4)

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wk4 Armand Serrano_ Animation Summary

Armand Serrano is currently an Art Director at Sony Pictures Animation. He has worked on Lilo & Stitch, Tarzan, Surf's Up and etc....
Today he has shared with us the basic steps of animation department, portfolio preparation, and shared his own work in film from start to finish.

Summary of workshop:
Pre production
Pre production
Beginnings (beginning process of production)
1. story concept
2. treatment
3. screen play (story)

How to Research
1.Online (Armand does most of his research online these days)
2.trips (Armand went to San Diego Zoo for research of famous movie "Surf's up" !)
* Do research before you start anything. for an example, even you are just about to draw a person, you need to know the anatomy first. Your artwork shows if you have understood the basic rules and design.

1.Thumbnail (small basic sketch of what your idea)
Positions in Art Department (Visual Development)
Character Designer
Layout Artist
Art Director (2 Art Director in Sony)
Production Designer
3D Artist
Matt Painter (Live Action/Animation)

He showed us early production of famous movie "Surf's Up", "Mulan" ...